The RON PONDER Show Thursday, January 26th by WHBC

10:05 Ashley Bettis, DeHoff Realtors
Topic: Touchdowns & Titus
10:15 David Pepper, Ohio Democratic Chairman
Topic: Pres. Donald Trump, Voter fraud, and MORE!
10:35 Renae Snyder
Topic: Last Red Ash Bash Events
11:05 Councilman Kevin Hall
Topic: New position in City Council
11:35 CONVERSATION: Pres. Trump and the Wall, Mexico, and MORE!

The RON PONDER Show Wednesday, January 25th by WHBC

10:05 Tyler S.Converse, Superintendent Water Department
Topic: Proposed water rate increase
10:35 Brent May, Plain local superintendent
Topic: Kindergarten registration
11:05 Prof. Dave Cohen, Univ. of Akron Political Science Dept.
Topic: Pres. Trump, and MORE!
11:35 Jon Husted, Sec. of State
Topic: Pres. Donald Trump and MORE!
11:45 David Pepper, Ohio Democratic Party
Topic: Illegal voting investigation

The RON PONDER Show Tuesday, January 24th by WHBC

10:05 Snowe Saxman, Financial Advisor
Topic: Refreshing your finances in 2017
10:15 Congressman Tim Ryan
Topic: Pres. Trump, $1.5 Million for Portage county, and MORE!
10:35 Alexander Heffner, PBS Correspondent
Topic: The Digital age
11:05 Nancy Soderberg
Topic: The Women’s march in Washington D.C.
11:45 DeDe Wedekind, Songwriter
Topic: New song America United

The RON PONDER Show Monday, January 23rd by WHBC

10:05 Adrian Allison, Canton City Schools Supt.
Topic: New band instruments, Reading program, Black History Month, and MORE!
10:35 Dr. Nash Gabrial
Topic: The Inauguration
11:05 Vanessa Board, STEM Instructor & Advisor
Topic: Trip to Washington D.C.
11:15 Jackie Degarmo
Topic; Women’s anti-Trump march in Washington D.C.
11:35 Prof. Dave Cohen
Topic: The Inauguration, Pres. Trump, and MORE!

The RON PONDER Show Friday, January 20th by WHBC

David Pepper,OH Democratic Party Chairman
Frank LaRose, OH Senator
Prof. Chuck Walcott, Virginia Tech Political Science Dept.
DR. Nash Gabriel
Clarence Mingo, Franklin County Treasurer
Jackie Degarmo, Former Supt. Plain Local Schools
Leonard Hubert, GOP Activist
Tracy Winbush, OH GOP Treasurer
Christina Hagan, OH State Rep.
Jon Husted, Sec of State

The RON PONDER Show Wednesday, January 18th by WHBC

10:05 Snowe Saxman, Author
Topic: How to refresh your finances and MORE!
10:15 Prof. Dave Cohen, Univ. Of Akron
Topic: Pres. elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration
10:35 DeDe Wedekind, Singer & Songwriter
Topic: Upcoming project and MORE!
11:05 Christina Hagan, State Rep.
Topic: The Inauguration
11:35 CONVERSATION: Racially sensitive names

The RON PONDER Show Monday, January 16th by WHBC

10:05 Prof. Jill Bisco, Univ. of Akron
Topic: New Bachelor’s degree in response to Insurance industry
10:35 Erik Hingst, Walmart Public Affairs Manager
Topic: Grant to Stark Co. for Hunger Task Force
11:05 CONVERSATION: MLK day, Donald Trump & Cong. John Lewis
11:35 CONVERSATION: 18yr old girl abducted, Supreme Court, and MORE!