The RON PONDER Show Monday, February 6th by WHBC

10:05 Joellen Leavell, Communication & Outreach Dir. Pension Rights Center
Topic: Cleveland Iron Workers approve pension cuts
10:35 Kathy A. Lindenberger, Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce
Topic: 2017 Queen Pageant applications
11:05 Rabbi Jon Adland
Topic: March in Downtown Canton
11:35 Amy Schoelles, Dir. “Kids Club” Childcare & Education
Topic: Detention Rock Concert at Glenmore

The RON PONDER Show Friday, February 3rd by WHBC

10:05 Megan Cavanagh, Actress
Topic: “Menopause” the Musical
10:15 Sec of State Jon Husted
10:35 Jane Timken
Topic: Discussing her Chairperson position
10:45 Rabbi Jon Adland
Topic: Upcoming demonstration Downtown Canton
11:05 Amy Miller, OMJSC
Topic: Workshops for Alliance Castings
11:35 FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Buzzbin Shop

The RON PONDER Show Wednesday, February 1st by WHBC

10:05 Andrea Ramsey & Courtney Chester
Topic: New City council members, Black history Month and MORE!
10:35 Rabbi Jon Adland, Temple of Israel
Topic: Upcoming demonstration
11:05 Collin O’Mara, Pres. & CEO National Wildlife Federation
Topic: Ethanol study, Pres. Trump cabinet picks
11:15 Dave Yost, Ohio Auditor
Topic: Sumpreme court pick and MORE!
11:35 Dick Kuhn & Bob Warner, Myers Lake Sportsman Club
Topic: Buffalo dinner

The RON PONDER Show Thursday, January 26th by WHBC

10:05 Ashley Bettis, DeHoff Realtors
Topic: Touchdowns & Titus
10:15 David Pepper, Ohio Democratic Chairman
Topic: Pres. Donald Trump, Voter fraud, and MORE!
10:35 Renae Snyder
Topic: Last Red Ash Bash Events
11:05 Councilman Kevin Hall
Topic: New position in City Council
11:35 CONVERSATION: Pres. Trump and the Wall, Mexico, and MORE!