The RON PONDER Show Monday, February 20th by WHBC 10:05 CONVERSATION: Kid’s Fest, President’s Day, and MORE! 10:35 Alex Mooney, GOP Representative, West Virginia Topic: The Environment, Job loss, and MORE! 11:05 Lorraine Wilburn Topic: Demonstrations in Stark Co. 11:35 State Rep. Dan Ramos Topic: Immigration Executive Orders

For Secretary of State and Why

The secretary of state position is one of the most important positions in the entire Ohio state governmental system. It is the guardian of one of the most trusted of American rights…voting…and at a time when many Republican office-holders and officials nationwide are actively engaged in trying to deny that right to so many, especially […]

The Ron Ponder Show…We are so “LIVE”!!!

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Ron & Derek Gordon

Ron and Derek Gordon, City Parks Director talks about Canton’s City Parks Master Plan and how it will benefit the community. Listen Now Listen or Read Here: Ron & Derek Gordon