The RON PONDER Show Monday, February 20th by WHBC 10:05 CONVERSATION: Kid’s Fest, President’s Day, and MORE! 10:35 Alex Mooney, GOP Representative, West Virginia Topic: The Environment, Job loss, and MORE! 11:05 Lorraine Wilburn Topic: Demonstrations in Stark Co. 11:35 State Rep. Dan Ramos Topic: Immigration Executive Orders

The RON PONDER Show Tuesday, November 22nd by WHBC 10:05 Dr. Richard Merriman, Pres. Univ. of Mt. Union Topic: Ralph Regula’s birthday bash 10:35 Bill Turner, Community Life Church of God in Christ Topic: Food pantry 11:05 Prof. Dave Cohen, Univ. of Akron Topic: Ryan vs Pelosi, What does Minority leader of Congress does, and MORE! 11:35 Steve Kristian, AT&T Topic: Broadband

The RON PONDER Show Friday, October 28th by whbcmix

10:05 Jason Reese, Attorney Topic: Campaigning for Judge of Common Please Family Court 10:35 Congressman John Lewis, Original Freedom Riders Topic: Hillary Clinton surrogate 11:05 Kyle Kondik, Managing editor, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Univ. of Virginia Center of Politics Topic: 2016 Presidential campaign 11:20 James Callan, Co-Chair. Louisville Education Assoc. Topic: Possible Teachers strike 11:35 FRIDAY […]

The RON PONDER Show Friday, December 9th by WHBC 10:05 Remembering John Glenn 10:20 CONVERSATION: Newsboys Fund raiser, Congressman Tim Ryan, and Ralph Regula 10:35 T.J. Walker, Pure Grown Diamonds Topic: Holiday season sales 11:05 State Rep. Christina Hagan Topic: Heartbeat Bill 11:45 Nicole Evans, Planned Parenthood Topic: Heartbeat Bill